Subject:  Hymn to Your Beauty

Dearest Loraine,

I vowed that I would dedicate my powers
To thee and thine--have I not kept the vow?
With beating heart and streaming eyes, even now
I call the phantoms of a thousand chocolate hours
Each from his melodic cardinal: they have in visioned bowers
Of woodsy zeal or love's delight
Outwatched with me the hot blooded night
They know that never joy illumed thou long red hair
Unlinked with hope that thou wouldst free
Your night gown from a dark slavery

Yours vivatiously,



Sent originally perhaps in the 1980's (taken from poet Shelley)
And another...
Dear Loraine,

 You didn't have to be so nice
 But yet you always are
 I think about you night and day
 I love you every way

 I was so lonely before I met you
 I didn't have a care
 But now I care about you so much
 I'd like to do alot for you
 I'd like to give you all I can
 I'll give you all my heart and sole
 And hope you want me too

 Since I do like you so much
 And don't prefer to smother you
 You can ask me anything
 Your wish is what I'll do

 Please always Remember and never forget
 How much I care for you!
 What ever you decide  I will abide
 But I hope you Love me too!!

                       Love Doug. x.x.x.o.o.o.