Red Green Capella

Oh, what wonders I observed last night,
Were shining on high with no competition.
A star so beautiful and ever so bright,
Colorful and spinning with much revolution.
Pulsing red then green then blue then white,
in momentary flashes I have never before seen.
Reaching out with a telescope to behold a pure sight,
Even in that manner, it remained red and green.
Steadfast and radiant, and pinned to one place,
neither helicopter, nor plane, nor man made device.
Trumpeting news of this breathtaking discovery,
Might bring fervent tenacity to fortunate advice.
Behold what wonders I observed last night,
With awe and adoration as perceived just then,
A legend is formed by this hued starlight
That hopes never dashed will return once again.

Douglas A. Bauman, Sept. 2004

Governors of the Westmoreland Conservancy decided to do a little star gazing after the regular monthly meeting on Sept. 22. While viewing the moon, stars of Cassiopeia, and other wonders of the night sky, they noticed a star in the north east sky shimmering green and red. At first all thought this object to be a plane or helicopter, but after viewing for a while through the telescope it was realized that it never moved. Bizarre scenarios danced through their heads, was it a UFO? The next day, research on the internet proved that it was the star Capella, a bright star at low altitude which often puts on this display in late September.

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