Suddenly I'm There: June 18th, 2005

Douglas A. Bauman, August 2005

In a matter of two months 
  my fortunes have renewed,
meeting you has meant as much,
  my interest has accrued.

We met on June 18th this year,
  so distant and so near,
Yet what the future has to show
  reveals what I hold dear.

Before this date I've ridden by,
  so oft, yet never knew,
A gentle soul hidden nigh
  within a home of blue.

A gentle soul who practices
  a trade of veterinary medicine,
kind and caring to all manner of nature's fauna,

subtle yet direct,
  a counterpoint hard to describe,
sits idly reading magazines,
  yet asks a favor with alacrity,
suggests an outing without asking,
  and suddenly I'm there.

We met at Becky's house
  a certain serindipity,
A second time I happened by,
  by chance said ostensibly,
to visit the Welsh Pony.

That day she finds four-leaf-clover,
  and with that lucky treasure,
discovered and then given out
  in a single measure.

Adept at grammar and the word,
 in languages three fold.
I hear her speak her native tongue,
  with perdurance I long to hold.

At length I'm offered one chance to play,
  a game called Aballone, 
Her challenge and mental adroitness,
 shine forth at once well known.

I offer my daughter's bicycle trailer,
  to keep for her small dear
and she stops by to pick it up,
  and invited us to swim that day.

I showed her around my home in the woods.,
then loaded the trailer in her auto.
  "How much are you asking?" was her query
  "It is my gift to you" was my answer.
The expression on her face was so precious,
Apparently she was talking about my house,
which was for sale,
  and I was offering up the trailer.
I imagine a hundred thoughts
  went through her head.
If I can't give her my house,
  then how about the world? ;-)

Another weekend we came by again,
  to swim and spend they day.
A very pleasant day indeed,
  beyond all I can recall.

A picnic in the woods;
  riding on a vehicle called Mule.
was great for all involved; along the trail 
  observing many oblong woodpecker holes.

A bicycle ride along the Roaring Run trail in Apollo;
  our group would take turns with whom to follow.
Dipping in the Roaring Run;
  refreshing water was really fun.

This rambling tail I have portrayed
  and delivered upon my bike
And if we ever should meet again,
  yet may it be in Österreich

auf Wiedersehen, Lebe wohl! und 
''Lebe jeden Tag so als wäre es Dein Letzter'' 

Douglas A. Bauman
August 2005