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Apologies in advance for the length of this reply, but Doug raises one of the most fascinating aspects of songbird behavior -- the variability of song types within species, across ranges and even among individuals themselves. There's been a lot of research on this in recent decades, but we're a long way from understanding exactly why and how particular birds end up with their own specific vocal arrays.
FW: [PABIRDS] gypsy moths and birds.
Some history here...gypsy moths are Eurasian natives, and were brought to this country in the mid-19th century in a misguided attempt to create a domestic silk industry. They escaped into the wild in New England, and began moving out from that epicenter. The moths hit northeastern Pennsylvania in the 1930s, and the first major infestations reached southeastern Pennsylvania, where I live, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. As Deb said, the gypsy moths would go through boom-and-bust cycles, their populations eventually reaching plague proportions in which the entire forest would be defoliated in mid-June. Then disease would sweep through, the population would crash, and it would be a number of years before it built up again.
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Homecoming Unites ECE Generations
October 31, 2005
On Saturday and Sunday, our alumni joined other graduates on campus, celebrating homecoming with campus tours, the Tartan football game, reunion dinners, theater performances, and art exhibits. Among the ECE alumni was Doug Bauman, here for his 25th anniversary. During his visit, he took many beautiful pictures of campus.
Spring Flowers Photo Gallery
Each Spring during April and May, there is an exceptional display of Spring flowers in Duff Park.
Doug Bauman has a excellent collection of flower images titled "Spring Walk in Duff Park, Murrysville, PA' c 2003" located at - Click on the small image to view a full size image.
These pictures, taken by our members in the nature reserves and surrounding parks of our area, show just how diverse and pristine our natural areas really are. Come on out sometime, visit our nature reserves and snap a few pictures yourself!
Second Friday in October: details of a 'photography shoot' attended by four members of the Conservancy at Linn Run on Oct 8, 2004
what struck me as almost whimsical at first was the odd orientation of all of us photographers, scattered here and there, pointing our equipment at different angles at independent subjects seeking suitable compositions. At length I became accustomed to our common yet independent photo quest and my initial introspection faded. I simply blended in, making sure not to invade the radius of another's photo-space, and started taking pictures of my own.
Douglas Bauman, October 11, 2004
American Flag Pic Resources
1635: Humming Bird next to American Flag
Next Picture Back to index © Douglas A. Bauman, 2003
a web site in Austria dedicated to Star Trek 13) Doug Bauman from Westinghouse STC, Pittsburgh, PA ( says: Way Cool! I can't wait to tell all my Trek friends here in Pittsburgh about this great server in Salzburg. Now if I could only find a page dedicated to Mozart... Doug.
Diesmal Geht's Nicht Um Die Wurst
Die Tabelle der besten 10 Rare Bird Alert Listing
RBA *Pennsylvania *Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania *PAWE05.28.06
Software Automation Framework Support
Savedot.e, by Doug Bauman, (412)-256-2598
Used to save and restore the windows/file names such that when you exit epsilon, and later come back, the windows should look pretty much the way they were when you left. Even if it is a few days later.
Race Results for Murrysville Cycling Classic Murrysville, PA
USCF Road Race on 07/18/2004
Tau Beta Pi - PA Gamma Chapter
Class of 1980 Chapter Members
Why does our so-called compassionate federal government feel compelled to continue to force its one-size-fits-all electronic-voting mandate on everyone? We already have perfectly suitable levered machines with laudable tactile feedback that have been used ever since I started voting in 1976. Why not simply let Florida solve its own problems? I say to the feds: Leave us alone.
The Municipal Authority of Washington Township, a newly formed sewer authority, is forcing every resident adjacent to their new sewer lines to connect without regard to state law, which provides that they only have authority to mandate connections to homes within 150 feet of their lines.
An auto tax could help us get away from property taxes
We all know we need to do away with the stifling property tax in Pennsylvania. Why insult our intelligence by not proposing a specific tax shift option? We all know the tax must come from somewhere. Perhaps some will come from small sales tax and income tax increases.
But what about this: Why not institute an automobile tax like California has.
Government of the people, by the people, for the people has finally perished from the earth ("Pa. high court clears way for Westmoreland electronic voting,", March 2).
Western PA wildflowers/ nature - Douglas A. Bauman
Beautiful outdoor photography, like wildflowers and nature, taken in Western Pennsylvania, for the enjoyment of all - Douglas A. Bauman
3190: McGinnis Nature Reserve: Tripple Shaggy Bark Hickory Tree
2805: Multi Colored Maple Leaves
1937: Multiple Purple Cone Flowers
848: Yellow Trout Lily from side
1039: Lilac Bush
1651: Humming Bird close up feeding
Best1975: Humming Bird at feeder
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