Torn pages from my journal

April 1, 2005   
I found the following torn sheets of paper stuffed under the roots of the
broad baobab tree in my library. These torn pages come from my journals
from various years gone by; and were apparently absconded by an unnamed
youngster in my acquaintance.
April 1, 1978 Today I took a trek to Townsend. There I found five
hundred fragrant flowers. Buttercups and forget-me-nots arrayed
beside a babbling brook. I view a valley filled with frolicking fawns.

April 1, 1984 Today I discovered a vast cave in the woods above my
parents house. An extensive subterranean combination of chambers and
tunnels lay before me. The first two rooms were typical of caves and
otherwise unexceptional. As I traversed on my stomach through an
extremely long and narrow passage, I could see some light emanating
before me. At length I was able to again stand and turned a corner to
view the most amazing and exquisite sight I have ever seen. A natural
yet regular formation ... [end of page]

April 1, 1991 Today as I hiked in open woods beyond a rod and gun
club, I view a small dwarf or so I thought, for he disappears. I
follow the path I fear he might have taken. I chance upon an old
foundation consisting mainly of stone. Now I hear a simple sweet 
tune wisping from behind the stone. I dart over the wall and drape
my coat around a small wiggling form. The song becomes profanity
unmentionable as I struggle to reveal my catch. A Leprechaun to be
sure, all green in garb. He tells me he was here to fetch his black
clay crock, all filled with gold. And then again he vanishes from my
sight and hold. I see him yet again no more, that day or any other,
but wonder if he has ever found that pot of gold.

April 1, 1999  As I wander through the woods with me, myself and I;
I find a gentle sort of soul which promises not to sigh. But suddenly
I see a shape that's dark with shadows here and there, it lumbers high
and ducks down low when and whither wander I. Believing I have found a
bear, I take a sideways step, on my guard and somewhat wary, continue
on my journey. Finding nature now up a tree, I circle around to see
what I can see. He pants and whiffs a waft of air all steamy hot to
glare. He gives one look, and climbs no more, finding honey to consume.
Suddenly he hops off the tree, gives chase and catches up by and by,
so we wrestle for a while. I don't actually approve of that guy,
treating me just so, so we part and meet again no more until another day. 
Well the aspects of nature in our woods never fail to delight.
Happy April Fools Day!
Douglas A. Bauman